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Sniezka campaign has just been launched

5 April 2013
On 1 April 2013 the second edition of FFiL Śnieżka SA advertising campaign was launched, promoting Sniezka Satynowa paint for interiors. The nationwide campaign is a continuation and simultaneously strengthening of previous advertising actions of the brand.

Last year’s campaign of Sniezka Satynowa was the biggest in the history of Paints and Varnishes Plant Sniezka SA. This year, promotional actions will be conducted also on a large scale – in newspapers, internet and on television. The campaign called: ‘Sniezka Satynowa. New nature of colour’, is to point out the customers the main advantages the brand has to offer by emphasising a unique attribute of Sniezka Satynowa, five times higher resistance to scrubbing in comparison with latex paints resistant to washing according to PN-C-81914 as well as applying in the product the innovative technology - Teflon® surface protector.

Eskadra Group prepared a commercial, which spectators could watch in the previous edition of the campaign, it will be broadcasted in the most popular television stations such as TVP1, TVP2, Polsat and TVN.

Initiative agency is responsible for purchase the campaign in the media and it will cover also top newspapers operating in the field of interiors and lifestyle. Within the advertising actions there will be video clips and banners on the internet as well as printed materials which will be distributed in the shops.